Every Roundwood Creations design starts in the woods. It is easy to feel inspired by our natural surroundings in Devon. The natural forms we see create the spark for our ideas and translate into our work.

Bluebells and Woodland by Roundwood Creations

Our expertise in woodlands and forestry gives us the opportunity to hand select unusual pieces of wood. We can then transform these into unique furniture items, or use them in bespoke micro structures. We grow, manage and process the timber ourselves, so we are not restricted by standard sizes. As a result, our projects can be any shape or style desired.

Our designs seamlessly blend a contemporary style with the organic shapes of wood, making each one truly unique. Whether you’d like us to craft bespoke garden furniture, or a one-of-a-kind contemporary structure, we’ll ensure it fits with your outdoor space.


Sustainable Woodlands

At Roundwood Creations we care a great deal about the woodlands that we work in, which is why we make sure we look after them. Any trees that we use for our structures come from sites with a Woodland Management Plan in place. The trees are either windblown or ones that will benefit the woodland as a whole if removed.

We ensure any of the more unusual pieces of wood that we use are not vital habitat. Or have become key to the woodland ecosystem. When we see interesting pieces that need to remain in the woodland, they simply give us more inspiration for our future projects.