Our handmade wooden yurts are great spaces to relax and escape. Their round shape makes for a space that is sociable and inviting and once inside you could be anywhere. They make great garden camp out spaces, unconventional offices or more permanent dwellings.

We are passionate about the preservation and improvement of UK woodlands. All of the yurts we make use sustainably sourced timber. We know many of the woodlands in our area, therefore we can select the best materials to make our wooden yurts beautiful, strong and durable.

Our  wooden yurts are not mass-produced. This means we can be flexible in size, style and design.

wooden yurts wedding venue
Yurts at a Wedding venue in Devon

The base

The base of a yurt is crucial to keeping you warm and dry. It is also traditional to eat and socialise sitting on the floor. This is why we take great care to finish all of our bases to a  high quality so you will be cosy and comfortable inside.

If you want a yurt to take with you on mini breaks or to set up quickly in the garden then the durable, waterproof yurt groundsheet would be prefect.

However if you are looking for a more permanent setup then we would recommend a timber base. The base could be a snug fit inside yurt of if you would prefer something extra then maybe an outdoor decking extension to relax on the long summer evenings.

The trellis

The trellis of a yurt is decorative to look at as well as being  key structural part. To make the wall trellis we tie together individual pieces of steam bent timber. This structure can be raised or collapsed in seconds.

We use Ash for the sawn yurts which is naturally tough and springy. For the rustic yurts we use locally sourced coppice poles that are either Hazel or Sweet Chestnut.

10ft wooden yurt
Timber floor and trellis in a newly installed yurt

Roof ribs and crown wheel

All of the yurts we make use steam bent roof ribs made from Ash. This gives more headroom inside the yurts and consequently creates the charming dome like appearance from the outside.

We prepare a crown wheel blank from either Beech of Ash. Next we steam bend the wood, which is fixed into a ring using wooden pegs. Finally holes are burnt using a tool called a ‘Yurt Carrot’. This creates a tapered slot for the end of the roof ribs to sit in.

Yurt crownwheel with roof ribs


Small Yurts

10ft Yurt

Sleeps two to three people and are approximately 78 sq foot.

12ft Yurt

Sleeps two to four people and up to 15 people standing. Approximately 113 sq foot.

14ft Yurt

Sleeps two to six people with standing room for up to 20 people. Approximately 154 sq foot